Back Pain


There are numerous causes to lower back pain including pathology involving the spine, nerves, discs, ligaments and surrounding muscles. For this reason, treatment should be directed by correct diagnosis first. Please speak to you G.P first about your symptoms in order for them to direct you to the best allied health discipline to address you individual needs.

Back pain can be related to abnormal foot function. There are three ways in which abnormal foot function can cause back pain: either an excessively flat foot; having an excessively high arch foot and having a functional limb length difference can be responsible for lower back pain.

If related to abnormal foot function, pain is usually exacerbated by underlying hard surfaces, long periods of standing / weight bearing activities and poor footwear choices.


If your lower back pain has been exacerbated by abnormal foot function, a modification to footwear and use of an orthotic device will support the foot and can reduce shock sent up into the body. This can significantly reduce lower back pain.

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