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Podiatry and Sport

Here at Ipswich Podiatry Centre, our Podiatrists are here to identify and manage any problem with your lower legs to restore your optimal function and performance in your chosen sport.

Podiatrists are trained to treat both acute injuries and chronic injuries in the lower limbs. By providing our patients with the right management and advice regarding individual biomechanics and footwear, we can help you avoid injury and keep you playing the sports you enjoy.

  • Netball


    Although Netball is a fun and highly social non-contact sport, the risk of certain injuries can be heightened by the…


  • Rugby League / Union

    Rugby League / Union

    Due to the contact nature of both Rugby League and Rugby Union games, injuries can be common.  Minor to moderate…


  • Running


    Running is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and build strong bones.  Running does carry a small risk of…


  • Soccer


    Soccer is the most widely played sport in the world.  The injury risk varies dependent on the player’s biomechanics, the…


  • Tennis


    Lower limb injuries in tennis are twice as common as upper limb injuries.  The ankle joint is most commonly affected…